" Karin, I just wanted to let you know that  Simba  is doing awesome!

He is the sweetest baby boy, the best personality you can find and just the temperament that I strive for. He is very affectionate, never stops purring, not even when he is being groomed. I just want to thank you for sharing your amazing bloodlines with me.   I tell everyone looking for Golden Persians, that they must import them from Germany ".    :-)  


Missouri USA


Karin, Bounty andFaith are doing well and arrived in good condition after their long trip.   They soon began purring whenever I touched them.  They are both beautiful just like their pictures and have such sweet personalities.  They are my dream come true.  Thank you for trusting me and for raising such lovable babies.  Cheryl 
Cheryl Riley
Cherrybirdie Cattery

Stanton, California USA

Gr Ch Brettachtal's Just a Dream

Hi Karin, Here's Gr Ch Brettachtal's Just a Dream - show results;
United Chinchilla Breed Show in February 2013.  My beloved "Brettachtal's Just a Dream was awarded 1 x grand gold certificate, 3x 1st in side classes, and Overall Best of Breed (10 exhibits entered).   

Mrs. L Dutton wrote;  "Best of Breed Champion Brettachtal's Just a Dream, Chinchilla female is of Fantastic type, with a heavy cobby shape to her body, nice bone, short fat legs and short tail, round head with lovely width between neat ears, round expressive green eyes, short broad nose with a good break, level bite, fat cheeks and strong chin, with a really deep red nose leather with clear well defined black lining lips eyes and nose, full white coat good and even".
Mrs Carol Gainsbury awarded her; a Grand. She wrote;" Sweet natured pretty girl easy to handle, Good top of head, with neat well placed and nicely furnished ears, smooth scull round expressive aqumarine eyes, snub nose level bite and strong muzzle, medium size body with sturdy legs rounded paws covered by an extremely well prepared fine soft in texture silvery white coat with light even tipping, down to her full tail".   

Supreme Cat Show NEC Nov 2012 1 STCC. Yorkshire Cat Club Oct 2012 gold certificate and Best of Breed, 3 x 1st side classes United Chinchilla Breed show 1st gold certificate February 2012 3 x 1st side classes.
Thank you Karin for this stunning girl, Janet 

 Brettachtal Cattery of Excellence

Brettachtal Cattery


I have been purchasing Persian kittens from Karin for quite some time.  I have always enjoyed visiting with Karin and love every kitten I have acquired from her.  

I look forward to adding a new "furry" kitten to our breeding program.  Both of my boys here are lovely, sweet, adorable Silver Chinchillas that will be with me forever !   I love everything about them.    Debbie,  USA 

"  Karin,  bedankt voor je vertrouwen in me voor al meer dan een decennium Je gaf me een paar van je liefste en mooiste katten.
Welke bijna iedere show beste Silver werden ".
Great European Champion Brettachtal’s Kizme

Great European Premior Brettachtal’s Lord Benley

" Thank you Karin for your trust in me for over a decade.   For giving me several of your most loving and beautiful cats.   Which where almost on every show Best Silver " .

Great European Champion Brettachtal’s Kizmet
Great European Premior Brettachtal’s Lord Benle

                                                  Josephina Battes  - Holland


A hello from our Ankara who is doing perfectly well.
He is so adorable, a true love. Thanks again for this marvellous baby.
Julia Monod - Lulia's Cattery - France

Un petit coucou de la part d'Ankara qui se porte à merveille.
Un amour de chat ! Merci encore pour ce magnifique trésor.

Brettachtal Cattery happy customers say it all !    

Please visit our " Testimonials " and explore the experiences and past Persians and Exotics sold to many happy feline lovers across the world !    Are you looking for a well bred show Persian or show Exotic cat?    Contact us today and find a kitten today ! 


>  "We purchased our first persian Golden Chinchilla from Brettachtal Cats,  Karin made the whole process of buying and shipping a new kitten so easy, through e-mail updates, pictures, answering all of our questions etc. We described our lifestyle, family, and our personalities and they chose the perfect kitten for us. 
>  Chanel is such a joy to have around, she is full of personality, sweet, loving and extremely smart.
>  Thanks to Brettachtal we have an amazing addition to our family ! Karin is so knowledgable and helpful, I wouldn't buy a Persian kitty from anywhere else but Brettachtal !  Thank you Karin ! "

Alex and Roxana

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

" Last year deciding to expand my small Cattery and after researching breeders and beautiful Persians I purchased Persians from Brettachtal's Cattery.  With my first contact with Karin, I was happy with my choice. Karin as pleasant as can be, quickly getting back to me, answered every question. My preference being a traditional Persians, I found a girl and boy !  Karin provided photos of the kittens and parents and certified pedigrees.   

Arriving in Dallas all went smoothly, vaccination and passport paperwork in order.  The kittens as beautiful as the photos provided.  Healthy, bathed and possessing much affection. Thank you Karin for my beautiful Dreamy and Principia "Persians" !   A memorable experienced ".

                                               Dana Wallingford - Mitchmore, Texas USA