Please call Brettachtal Cattery - Karin Sinn for available kittens.   Let us know what you are looking for.   Brettachtal Cattery breeds Persians and Exotics - CFA Silver Division.   View our Silvers, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla,   Golden, Golden Shaded Persians and Exotics Soon more kittens will be featured right here ! 




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Beautiful Silver and Golden Persians and Exotic Shorthair Cats is Brettachtal Cattery's specialty.   Breeding over 40 years brings extraordinary pedigrees carefully selected throughout the years.   Here at Brettachtal Cattery each kitten is joyfully welcomed into the world with love, affection, daily care and ultimately matching up to a soon to be new home !  

Thank you for inquiring about our beloved Persians and Exotic Shorthairs !

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