More about Brettachtal Persian Cattery in Germany

Brettachtal Cattery in Germany sells top CFA Show Persians

and Exotic Shorthair cats Internationally

Choose from . . .

*    Top CFA Show Persians

-  Silver Persians

-  Silver Shaded Persians

-  Silver Chinchilla Persians

-  Golden Persians

-  Golden Chinchilla Persians

-  Golden Shaded Persians‚Äč

*   Exotic Shorthair Cats

    Luxurious short hair coats with extraordinary facial features.

*   Pet Persian and Exotic Shorthair Cats for sale  
    Silky coats, large expressive eyes, lovely pet Persian and Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale in Germany

*   International Persian Breeder  "Cattery of Excellence"

Exporting Persians from Germany to China, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Russia, Italy, France, England, Spain, and many other countries worldwide.   When shipping Persian cats, Brettachtal Cattery uses a 3rd party qualified, reliable, reputable pet shipper that insures safe delivery for the buyer.   Give us a call today and purchase a well bred, CFA Persian or Exotic Shorthair cat that can compete at cat shows in the U.S.A and at many International Cat Shows worldwide.  

Call us today . . .  discover CFA Silver Persians of all shades and patterns  . . . bred for excellence and to complete Internationally . . . producing Supreme Champions, Grand Champions winning top cat show titles throughout the world.    Look no further . . .  We welcome your inquiries.      

Karin Sinn 

 Brettachtal's Cattery in Germany