Brettachtal's Exotic Shorthair Cats are gorgeous and well bred providing wonderful "Pets" for the entire family!    Easy to care for, fabulous personalities, expressive faces with large eyes and balanced faces.   Take home an Exotic Shorthair Cat today!   Buy an Exotic Shorthair kitten gift for a friend or family member. You will love your adorable fluffy, shorthair Exotic kitten.    Karin Sinn


About the Exotic Shorthair Cat bred by Brettachtal Cattery of Excellence 

Brettachtal Cattery offers extraordinary bred Exotic Shorthair Cats for sale   

Carefully and selectively bred to achieve the best genetic traits pooled together with early interaction with humans and possessing many of the beautiful traits of the popular Persian cat.    

Our Exotic Shorthairs have large, expressive stunning green eyes, well balanced faces and soft coats.  

Give us a call today and take home an Exotic CFA Registered cat or kitten.

Exotics of Brettachtal Cattery

Exotic  Persian  Cats  for  sale  at  Brettachtal  Cattery  in  Germany