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" Our Cattery "

  • CFA Registered Cattery 
  • Specializing in Silver chinchilla Persians
  • Breeding Persians and Exotics
  • CFA Registered Persians/exotic ShortHairs
  • Breeding for over 40 years !
  • Breeding numerous Best of Show Champions
  • Grand Champions, champions for years !
  • Located in Germany
  • shipping internationally
  • micro chipping included
  • Reasonable shipping / 3rd party available
  • Health certificate federally license Vet
  • Carefully crossing bloodlines

Brettachtal Cattery luxurious courtyards and intertwining paths and spacious interior Cattery offers an upscale lifestyle for all of our Cats !

Each day brings joy to our family . . . welcoming the arrival of our kitten litters !

With over 40 years of breeding Persians and Exotic CFA Registered Cats, Karin Sinn,

a much respected breeder in Germany and Internationally . . . offers lovely kittens to choose from.    

Silver show and breeding Persians for sale

Our Grandchildren bring much joy !  

They share much time interacting with our "Persians and Exotic" Cats !   

 " Me ?  I'm waiting for my first Cat Show !  " 

Find your "Best of Show" Persian right here !

Brettachtal Cattery in Germany

breeding top show Persians and Exotic Shorthair Cats

" Our Dedication "

" Our Cats "

" Our Family "

​Brettachtal Cattery offers a fabulous selection of Show, Breeder and Pet Quality Persians and Exotic cats !  Specializing in Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Golden Shaded and Golden Chinchilla Persian and Exotics !  We encourage you to shop around, then come back to​​ Brettachtal Cattery and choose your next "Star" Persian or Exotic kitten !

 About Brettachtal's Cattery